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Team Registration Rules
  1. Each member of a team must first pay the individual registration fee.
  2. No additional fee to register as a team.
  3. Each team must have a designated team captain.
  4. The team captain must first register their team name.
  5. When registering via paper, the registrant will need to write-in the team name and team captain.  If the team name is not designated on a paper registration, the individual will not be considered part of the team for prize determination purposes.
  6. We will communicate directly with the team captain leading up to the day of the event.  The team captain will be responsible for dispersing information to the rest of their team as needed.
Team Donation Collection
  1. When a team member collects a donation, the Team Donation Form should be used.
  2. The team member should complete 2 slips of the Team Donation Form reflecting the donation collected.  1 slip should be used to provide a receipt to the donor.   1 slip should be used to record the donor's information and desired beneficiary for formal tax deduction purposes.
  3. The team member shall be responsible for submitting the slip with the donor's information and desired beneficiary when submitting the donation to the Ta-Ta Trot committee.
Team Prize Rules
  1. Only $ above the individual registration fee will count towards team prize eligibility.
  2. All money for the Most $$$ Raised prize must be received at P.O. Box 310, Northumberland, PA 17857 no later than 6/30/19.
  3. Awards to be presented at the Prize Ceremony immediately following the completion of the Ta-Ta Trot.
  4. Awards include:  Most $$$ Raised - Total and Most Trotters.
  5. Team prizes must be picked up by 10:30 AM on July 13th.
  6. Team prizes will not be held or shipped.